New Members of the Steering Committee of the Standing Group on the European Union

Following the online vote that took place in June, we are pleased to welcome Nathalie Brack (ULB), Ana Juncos (Bristol) and Daniel Naurin (Oslo/Gothenburg) as new members of the SGEU Steering Committee. Nathalie, Ana and Daniel received most votes in an online poll that was hotly contested (by the standards of academic associations) with some ten candidates standing for the three open seats on the steering committee. They will take up their positions in September when the newly constituted committee will also elect a new chair for the period 2020-2022. 
As we welcome our new steering committee members, we express our gratitude to those colleagues who will be leaving the SC in September after many years of service: Fabio Franchino (Milan), Hussein Kassim (East Anglia) and Amy Verdun (Leiden). Many thanks Fabio, Hussein and Amy for all your dedication and valuable contributions to the work of the Standing Group! We hope and believe that you will remain active participants in the work of SGEU, and that we can count on your counsel in the future.